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Direct Deposit minimizes payroll costs associated with production, verification, authorizing and signing, sorting, and distributing costs. With Direct Deposit, you can save as much as $.60 for each paycheck (according to NACHA). Direct Deposit also streamlines payroll by eliminating time spent re-issuing lost or stolen pay checks. Account reconciliation also becomes much easier.

Direct Deposit Plus is valued by employees, adding a strong addition to your company benefits plan.  And it’s probably the least expensive plan addition you’ll ever make.  Why do employees want Direct Deposit?

 Direct Deposit Plus delivers employee’s check to the bank whether they are on vacation, sick or traveling out of town on business.  No need to make special arrangements to handle checks when employee is absent.

No need to change financial institutions (commercial banks, saving and loans, savings banks, credit unions) to get Direct Deposit Plus.

 Reduces need to go to the bank on busy bank days and wait in long lines or to rush to make it to the bank during banking hours.

Direct Deposit Plus is posted to their account faster than a paper check, reducing the possibility of overdrafts.

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In This Section:

Why get direct deposit?

 - Almost 61% of consumers receive their paychecks by direct deposit

 - With direct deposit your money is in the bank faster, and prevents paychecks from being lost or stolen

 - Direct deposit works even when you are on vacation or away from the office.  Direct Deposit is faster, safer, and more convenient!

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